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Whole Home Surge Protection in San Mateo, CA

Count on Mister Sparky to protect your appliances and electronics with whole home surge protection in San Mateo, CA. Power surges occur every day, and they can take a serious toll on the equipment you depend on in your home. Excessive voltage shortens the lifespan of expensive appliances such as washers and dryers by upwards of 30%. Sudden spikes in power can also have a devastating effect on your personal computer and other sensitive pieces of equipment. However, a grounding system can protect your valuable electronics and appliances and help to prolong their usability.

Our experienced electricians will provide you with expert grounding system installation to protect your home's equipment. Power surges happen more frequently than you might think-every day, extra voltage zaps your television, microwave, washer, and computer up to 20 times. You don't see these surges, of course, but they're costing you the full lifespan of the expensive products you buy. Power surges are a normal occurrence in any electrical system, and as our population depends more and more on the perks of staying plugged-in, you need the type of whole home surge protection that we provide.

Invest in the Benefits of a New Grounding System

Surge protection comes in two basic varieties. The one most familiar is what we call point of use surge protection. Point of use surge protection refers to plugging your devices into external power strips that suppress extra incoming voltage. These are commonly used to protect personal computers, laptops, televisions, and other sensitive devices. Point of use surge protection defends your devices against internally generated surges, such as when you suddenly turn off your hairdryer and the extra voltage shoots in another direction.

Whole house surge protection, on the other hand, defends against the externally generated surges that enter your home via your connection to the local power grid. These occur because of your power company's routine actions or because of lightning storms. When we install your home's new grounding system, you can trust that your home is protected against external surges.

Whole Home Surge Protection Installation in San Mateo, CA

Professional Grounding System Installation

Whole home surge protection requires a professional electrician. We have worked to protect your home for over 11 years. We pride ourselves in our prompt and thorough service. When you need surge protection, call us and experience the difference that our service makes. We guarantee your satisfaction. Investing in surge protection now equals huge savings over the long run.

Contact us today for whole home surge protection. We proudly serve our customers in San Mateo, Millbrae, Hillsborough, Belmont, and Redwood City, California.

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